A Pretty Penny: Pennycress Cover Crop Could Play a Part in Helping Solve the Climate Puzzle

In solving a puzzle, sometimes it's the smallest pieces that can help complete the big picture. In the climate change puzzle, a once-underappreciated plant called pennycress just may prove itself a beneficial piece. As a plant that has spent most of its evolutionary history as a weed, pennycress is gaining new interest as an oilseed crop that can help us piece together solutions to many environmental challenges.

Weathering the Cold Climate

Any vehicle owner or fleet operator who experiences freezing temperatures can tell you that winter weather can have an impact on the performance of a vehicle. Properly managed, high quality biodiesel blends are successful in the coldest of climates.

Next Generation of Scientists for Biodiesel Learns from Mentors

From exciting feedstock research to the comparative cost of carbon reduction strategies, biodiesel research and outreach projects are on the rise at universities and colleges around the country.

Focus on Biodiesel’s Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of both biodiesel and renewable diesel are in focus this week at the virtual National Biodiesel Conference and Expo.

Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Reducing Emissions Today

Climate change will continue to be the defining issue humanity must confront over the next several generations. Driven almost entirely by the unfettered combustion of fossil fuels, principally petroleum, coal, and natural gas, humanity is now at a critical juncture if we hope to prevent the most debilitating effects. A recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…